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1987 (Oct.) Cindy Scholefield d. Pat Cornett-Iker, 6 & 5; Southern Hills C.C., Tulsa, Okla.; Medalist-157, Anne Quast Sander; Entries: 320
1988 (Oct.) Martha Lang d. Mary Hanyak, 4 & 3; Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island, Fla.; Medalist-148, Anne Quast Sander; Entries: 347
1989 (Oct.) Robin Weiss d. Page Marsh Lea, 22 holes; The Hills of Lakeway G.C., Lakeway, Texas; Medalist-150, Carol Semple Thompson; Entries: 289
1990 (Sept.-Oct.) Carol Semple Thompson, d. Page Marsh Lea 3 & 1; Allegheny C.C., Sewickley, Pa.; Co-medalists-149, Sally Krueger, Carol Semple Thompson; Entries: 354
1991 (Sept.) Sarah LeBrun Ingram d. Martha Lang, 6 & 5; Desert Highlands G.C., Scottsdale, Ariz.; Medalist-143, Andrea Dornin; Entries: 394
1992 (Oct.) Marion Maney-McInerney d. Carol Semple Thompson, 1 up, 19 holes; Old Marsh G.C., Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.; Medalist-142, Robin Weiss; Entries: 452
1993 (Aug.) Sarah LeBrun Ingram d. Mary Burkhardt, 2 & 1; Rochester G. & C.C., Rochester, Minn.; Medalist-o141, Carol Semple Thompson; Entries: 461
1994 (Sept.) Sarah LeBrun Ingram d. Marla Jemsek, 2 & 1; Tacoma C. & G.C., Tacoma, Wash.; Medalist-144, Robin Weiss; Entries: 356
1995 (Sept.) Ellen Port d. Brenda Corrie-Kuehn, 3 and 1; Essex County Club, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass.; Medalist-146, Brenda Corrie-Kuehn; Entries: 397
1996 (Sept.) Ellen Port d. Kerry Postillion, 2 and 1; Mission Hills C.C. (Dinah Shore Course), Rancho Mirage, Calif.; Medalist-145, Brenda Corrie Kuehn; Entries: §515
1997 (Sept.) Carol Semple Thompson d. Leslie Shannon, 2 and 1; Atlantic City C.C., Northfield, N.J.: Medalist-143, Kerry Postillion; Entries: 450
1998 (Sept.) Virginia Derby Grimes d. Robin Weiss, 4 and 3; Champions Golf Club (Cypress Creek Course), Houston, Texas; Medalist-142, Mary Ann Lapointe; Entries: 469
1999 (Oct.) Alissa Herron d. Leland Beckel, 1 up; Cherokee Town & Country Club, Atlanta, Ga., Medalist - 143, Pat Milton; Entries: §515
2000 (Oct.) Ellen Port d. Anna Schultz, 3 and 2, Big Canyon Country Club, Newport Beach, Calif., Medalist - 147, Ellen Port; Entries: §533
2001 (Oct.) Laura Shanahan d. Mina Hardin, 4 and 3. Fox Run G.C. Eureka, Mo. Medalist - 147, Ellen Port: Entries: 517
2002 (Sept.) Kathy Hartwiger d. Ellen Port, 2 up; Eugene C.C., Eugene, Ore., Medalists - 150, Taffy Brower, Ellen Port, Lara Tennant; Entries: 488
2003 (Oct.) Amber Marsh d. Shannon Ogg, 3 and 2; Long Cove, Club, Hilton Head, S.C.,; Medalist - 142, Robin Burke; Entries: 532
2004 (Sept.) Corey Weworski d. Virginia Grimes, 5 and 4; Holston Hills C.C., Knoxville, Tenn.; Medalist - 146, Tobi Probst; Entries 425
2005 (Sept.) Mary Ann Lapointe d. Kerry Postillion, 1 up, Shadow Hawk G.C., Richmond, Texas; Medalist - 142, Kerry Postillion; Entries: 418
2006 (Oct.) Meghan Bolger d. Thuhashini Selvaratnam, Old Waverly G.C., West Point, Miss.; Medalist - 142, Dawn Woodward; Entries: 455
2007 (Oct-Sept.) Meghan Bolger d. Kerry Postillion, 1 up; Desert Forest G.C., Carefree, Ariz.; Medalist — 144, Dawn Woodard; Entries: 483
2008 (Sept.) Joan Higgins d. Lynn Simmons, 1 up; Barton Hills C.C., Ann Arbor, Mich., Medalist – 142, Wendi Patterson- Golden; Entries: 410
Record Qualifying Score (1993)
§ Record Entry (2000)


Championship Facts

U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur

PAR AND YARDAGE – Golden Hills Golf and Turf Club will play at 6,173 yards and a par of 35-37—72 for stroke-play rounds. For match play, the course will play at 6,193 yards.

COURSE SETUP – The USGA Course Rating® for the U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur at Golden Hills Golf and Turf Club is 76.5 and USGA Slope Rating® is 134.

Tees, fairways, approaches and collars, height of grass – 0.425 inches

Putting greens – 0.120 inches with a speed of 10.5 to 11 feet on the USGA Stimpmeter

Intermediate Rough – 0.75 inches (6-foot width)

First Cut, Primary Rough – 1.5 inches (15- to 20-foot width)

Second Cut, Primary Rough – 2.5 inches

ARCHITECTS – Golden Hills Golf and Turf Club was designed by Charles Pace and Lee Popple and opened in 1964. The course was redesigned by Rees Jones in 2005.

THE USGA AND FLORIDA – The 2009 U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship will be the 17th USGA championship conducted in the state of Florida. It will be the seventh national women’s championship and the third U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur to be conducted in the state of Florida. In 1988, the championship was held at Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, and in 1992 it was played at Old Marsh Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens.


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